Valorant’s Newest Agent Astra literally has a Galaxy Brain
Posted by Raphael Leynes March 01, 2021

It seems like it was just yesterday that Valorant fans welcomed Yoru to Riot’s tactical first-person shooter into the roster but this past weekend Valorant has just revealed another new agent, the celestially inclined, ghanaian agent Astra who’s hitting the game along with Act 2 Episode 2 this coming Tuesday, March 2! Man, time flies by!



After just a week of in-game teasing, Astra is now the newest agent to join the fray and the controller is already looking like a fine addition to the game. Aesthetically, Astra is an interesting cross-section of African futurism and celestial mysticism making what is definitely one of the more unique character designs in video games today.



John “Riot MEMEMEMEME” Goscicki, Producer – Characters, stated in the official press release for the character that once they nailed down the major themes for Astra’s design, all the design and gameplay elements began flowing and coalescing naturally:

“African Futurism was a huge inspiration for us when it came to designing Astra’s thematics, once that element was brought into her development all the pieces naturally fell in place. Ascending above the map to place her “Stars” is such a huge part of her kit, and there are amazing cohesive representations of African Futurism X Space that we were able to pull from. From there is was also about making sure there was enough of a real world grounded element to her personality and character design. To make sure those grounded elements were represented properly we worked with a consultant from Ghana on the details.”



In battle, Astra quite literally wields the power of the stars to disorient her enemies and disrupt their tactics. Astra can project her Astral Form above the battlefield by pressing (X)— in a similar fashion to Omen’s Dark Cover aiming view— to place her Stars anywhere she chooses. Once placed, Astra can use her various abilities to activate the stars to her desired effect. Her Nova Pulse (Q) ability will cause the Star to generate a concussive blast which slows and confuses agents in its blast radius. Her Nebula (E) Ability allows Astra to turn a placed star into smoke cover on the field, obscuring vision and denying key areas. Astra’s most interesting and unique ability is the Gravity Well (C) with which she turns a Star into a miniature black hole that sucks opposing agents into its center before it explodes inflicting the “Fragile” debuff on them making them more susceptible to damage. This is obviously a very powerful tool seeing as it sets up opposing agents for an easy pick-off by limiting their movement as well as making them more vulnerable.

Just like Cypher’s cameras, Astra’s Stars can be re-gathered and rotated onto a different spot on the map.


Astra’s ultimate ability Cosmic Divide is an impossibly large celestial wall that cuts across the entirety of the map which blocks vision, bullets as well as severely dampens audio between its two sides. Agents and some abilities will be able to pass through the barrier. Cosmic Divide is obviously another strong area denial tool similar to KillJoy’s Lockdown, that can help you secure entry into a site, deny entry to a site and even keep the Spike planter safe while planting.

The stars have aligned and the light of Astra has come shining through to the rift near you! We’ll have more on Astra as more information is revealed but until then, let us know what you think of the new agent in the comments below!

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