5 Fun Things You Can Do With Discord Bots
Posted by Raphael Leynes April 30, 2020

As gamers, the messaging service of choice has always been Discord. The platform has always made communication between gamers, teams, and friends really easy and reliable whether you’re squad up for your favorite battle royale, having a crazy night of tabletop, or just plain hanging out. 


With the amount of time that we’ve been spending in the platform recently, holding meetings and just generally hanging out, the folks here are GG Network have been discovering more and more of its cool functionalities as we go.  Bots are just one of those functionalities and lately, we’ve discovered that while most Discord bots are used to moderate and organize servers, you can actually do some interesting things with them. Here are our favorites:


Play Your Favorite Background Music with Groovy Bot

Let’s start with something easy, Groovy Bot allows you to play music for your whole server to hear. With the simple input command, you can queue up your favorite videogames soundtracks, have people listen to this one song you heard, or —if you’re like us— call up WWE entrance music everything someone enters the chat.


Dunk on your friends with Mat’s Bot

In addition to a host of moderation options, Mat’s Bot also gives everyone in your server the all-important ability to goof and bag on each other using the power of image manipulation. By typing in some quick little inputs, you can lovingly tell your buds that they’re ugly or trash or even sic the door meme on them, so that they know you really care. 




Who doesn’t love Pokemon? Bitter, curmudgeonly husks that’s who! With Pokecord you can basically turn your Discord server into a Safari Zone with random Pokemon popping up every now and again. You can then race against your friends to capture the pokemon and keep them in your Pokedex! You can also trade with other people for rare and interesting pokemon that are missing from your collection! As they say: “Gotta <p!catch> Them All!”


Birb with Birb


When you tag Birb and you type “Birb” Birb replies back with a random picture of a birb. Want to say hi to your online friends? BIRB. Want to welcome the new dude into the server? BIRB. You want to peace out of an awkward conversation with your guildmates when you made everyone wipe during that raid because you weren’t tanking properly, STEVEN? BIRB.


Order Fake Food with Discord Fast Food


Have you ever wanted to just pretend to order food? Not actually receive and pay for any actual food products but just simulate that you did? Sure you have! Not since the glory days of 3rd Grade that we’ve had such an exhilaratingly imaginative experience as the one given to us by Discord Fast Food. You can order literally anything you want from the fictional chat-based service. Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, Chinese food and everything else are all fair game with Discord Fast Food. Not in the mood for anything specific? Order up actual concepts or descriptions of things you might want to consume. “Something Animal Crossing-themed”; “The Dark Souls of Food” and “The Meaning of the Universe” are just some of the things you can have delivered to your server.

After a reasonable wait time, a member of the Discord Fast Food service will prepare your order and have it delivered to you in 3 minutes or less or it’s free! And when you sumptuous JPEG of a meal comes as a private message make sure you don’t cheap out on the tip! Bot Appetit!



What Discord bots do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below! 


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And while you’re at it leave us a like on the GG Network Facebook Page so we can keep you entertained with more videogames and geek stuff! Take care and stay safe out there!


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