Dr. Juggernaut is Real and is Coming to Hurt You
Posted by Raphael Leynes February 01, 2021

In the upcoming Marvel Crossover event Heroes Reborn penned by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed McGuiness, Dr. Juggernaut is a real thing. Yes. 


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Doom Teaser


Doctor Doom has somehow acquired the gem of Cyttorak, a mystical object that turns its bearer into an unstoppable force of destruction and gives the Juggernaut his power. So in this world, not only can Doctor Doom outsmart you, but he can also just pound your face into the ground, no Doombots required. 


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Trailer

 and this is not even the worst of your worries. 



In the new Heroes Reborn, many of the Earth villains have amalgamated into each other, forming the stuff of Marvel heroes’ nightmares such as The Black Skull (The Red Skull melded with the Venom Symbiote), Thanos wielding something called the Infinity Rings and a being that’s unfathomably powerful called The Silver Witch.


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Wanda Teaser

Yeah good luck with that.


It only gets bleaker for us from here because whatever caused this madness also caused the Avengers to have never assembled. That means Tony Stark was never trapped in a cave so he never built the Iron Man armor, Captain America was never thawed out of the ice because there was no Avengers to do so and Thor never picked up Mjolnir, turning him into a drunk jerk.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Trailer

Well, even more so than usual.


Fortunately, there are still heroes defending the world in the form of Squadron Supreme of America, Marvel’s campier take on the Avengers and what many consider as the red and white brand’s take on the Justice League. Its members include the ultra-powerful Hyperion, the dark and brooding Nighthawk, the fierce warrior Power Princess and the impossibly fast Whizzer—which is a name that has not aged gracefully since the Squadron Supreme debuted in 1971. Hopefully, we get an updated version.


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Avengers 700


Also among the teasers are other beacons of hope to save you from Latverian-sized smackdown with a version of Canadian superhero troupe Alpha Flight, with a version of the Sorcerer Supreme and Wolverine running about:



The Hulk apparently also exists somewhere in this universe:


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Hulk Teaser


Benn Grimm and Reed Richards are out there being agents of SHIELD or whatever that censored logo is:


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Grimm and Richards Teaser


And then there’s Agent Coulson who apparently isn’t affiliated with SHIELD at all but instead is running for president, which isn’t the worst all things considered: 


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Coulson Teaser


Finally there’s also Blade. The real daywalking, Earth-616 version of Blade who apparently is the only one that remembers that this world is not how it’s supposed to be. But how is he going to make things right? Allso why Blade? And is this somehow connected to vampires ice-skating uphill? 


Image Credit: Marvel Comics | Heroes Reborn Trailer


We’ll all have to find out the answers to these questions and more, Heroes Reborn hits the stands in May 5, 2021

Check out the whole trailer for Marvel’s Heroes Reborn here:



Will we survive? Let us know in the comments below! For more comicbook stuff check out  DC Animated Has Made a Better Cinematic Universe Than The Movies Ever Did and Batman: The Three Jokers is Less About Clones and More of An Exploration of Trauma

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