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Enter Club Matryoshka, a Virtual Music Club in a Minecraft Server
Posted by Christer de Guia March 25, 2020

While there are still a handful of activities you can do while under quarantine, there’s nothing quite like being able to hang around with friends over some club music.


In response to the ongoing pandemic, non-essential establishments were asked to close down in order to flatten the curve, this includes bars and nightclubs. How on Earth can avid music fans and partygoers vibe to live music now? Well, there’s always Minecraft and Club Matryoshka.


Club Matryoshka Main Stage (Source: Club Matryoshka)


Club Matryoshka is a virtual music club founded by the Filipino beatmaker simlarobjects. The club has no local address and does not occupy any physical space, which means that music fans from all over the world can attend a one-of-a-kind experience in a Minecraft server.



This Friday, March 26 (10pm PHT), Club Matryoshka, in partnership with 777tv, will be hosting its first show of 2020. There will be DJ sets from Boy Pablo (Norway), Mellow Fellow & Ruru (Philippines), Triathlon (United States), Fiddy (Indonesia), Rhina Love (Denmark), Niilas (Norway), and Vetle Junker (Norway).



Roofdeck Stage (Source: Club Matryoshka)


If you have Minecraft, you can attend join the club here. The gig will also be livestreamed on 77tv website.

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