Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Upcoming Project That’s Ever Been Announced
Posted by Raphael Leynes May 14, 2021

Marvel Studios has recently announced their upcoming slate of movie releases currently in the pipeline. However, there’s still plenty of Marvel content that set to come out by way of what’s shaping up to be a stellar, revitalized television presence thanks to Disney+.



So for the sake of convenience, we wrangled up every Marvel Cinematic Universe project that’s coming up on the next few years across TV and Film that’s ever been announced and arranged them in chronological order. You’re welcome, true believers!



Release: June 9, 2021
Platform: Disney+

It’s going to be everyone’s favorite charming but stabby, God of Mischief, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) performing time/dimension-hopping adventures going back through iconic moments and alternate universes to correct paradoxes and make everything right according to Owen Wilson’s timekeeping agency, the Timekeepers. It’s going to be bonkers.


Black Widow

Release: July 9, 2021
Platform: Film

Black Widow which was delayed from a 2020 release because of the aforementioned pandemic. The movie set in between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, features Scarlett Johansson in her first solo outing as the titular femme fatale, master assassin as she confronts her past with the assassin group The Red Room with her apparent pseudo-family composed of sister-figure Yelena Belova/Black Widow II (Florence Pugh), father-figure Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian (David Harbour), and mother-figure Melina Vostokoff/Black Widow, Rachel Weisz.


Marvel What If…?


Release: Mid-2021
Platform: Disney+

This Disney+ anthology series will mirror the iconic Marvel Comic one-off stories where we explore the iconic moments of the Marvel Universe but altered through the lens of the question “What If”. Through the trailer, we saw realities where Peggy Carter was given the super soldier serum and became Captain Ameri… excuse me Captain Britain? And a reality where T’challa was abducted by the Ravagers and became Starlord and a reality where the Marvel Zombies existed.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Release: September 3, 2021
Platform: Film

The best hand-to-hand fighter in the Marvel Universe finally gets a movie! Marvel has been crossing over familiar film genres with superheroes such as superhero spy film in Captain America Winter Soldier, superhero heist film in Antman we’re going to get a superhero kung-fu film with Shang-Chi!

For more on Shang-Chi, check out this article on everything you need to know about him!


Ms. Marvel

Release: Late 2021
Platform: Disney+


Possibly the geekiest teen hero in Marvel, Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel (played by Iman Vellani), and all her fan-fiction and Avengers posters, is getting a TV show and we are all totally embiggened for it!



Release: Late 2021
Platform: Disney+


Jeremy Renner reprises his role as the Avenger’s resident Archer Hawkeye as he trains the new Hawkeye played by Hailee Steinfeld. The series is reported to take inspiration from the critically acclaimed 2015 Matt Fraction Hawkeye comic run so that’s incredibly promising!



Release: November 5, 2021
Platform: Film


This ensemble film will be set after the events of Avengers Endgame and feature the immortal and all-powerful Eternals reuniting to protect the universe from their evil counterparts the Deviants. The titular Eternals will be played by a sta- studded cast namely: Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Don Lee, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, and Barry Keoghan.


Spider-Man: No Way Home


Release: December 17, 2021
Platform: Film

The third MCU Spider-Man film will cap off this year and follow-up the events of Far From Home where Mysterio frames Spidey for his murder and his secret identity is exposed. Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina have been cast for the film in a weird way reprising  their roles as Electro and Doctor Octopus respectively, in prior films.




Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness



Release: March 25, 2022
Platform: Film


The second Doctor Strange movie is reported to have horror movie elements and will see Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange team up with Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch (fresh off of her power upgrade in Wandavision) as they explore even more multiverses. 


Thor: Love and Thunder

Release: May 6, 2022
Platform: Film


Thor: Love and Thunder sees Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster return to the Thor line of films with her potentially liftting the hammer and taking over as the new god of thunder!


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Release: July 8, 2022
Platform: Film


The sequel to Black Panther is in quite a state of flux and grief following the tragic and sudden loss of Chadwick Boseman who played the main character of Black Panther. Reports indicate that Disney is adamant that the character will not be recast. A possibility for Shuri to take the mantle in honor of her on-screen older brother is also on the table. 


The Marvels

Release: November 11, 2022
Platform: Film


The Marvels will see Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel team up with the other Marvels active in the MCU: Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonnah Parris in Wandavision, who was the first female Captain Marvel in the comics and the previously mentioned Ms. Marvel played by Iman Vellani!


Moon Knight


Release: 2022
Platform: Disney+


Oscar Isaac will be playing the dark, brooding and partially insane, conduit of the Egyptian God of the Moon, Moon Knight in his very own Disney+ 6 episode miniseries!



Release: 2022
Platform: Disney+


Tatiana Maslany will be playing the badass lawyer Jennifer Walters and her Jade giant alter ego, the incredible She-Hulk! Mark Ruffalo and Tim Roth are both part of the cast of the 10-episode series as well reprising their roles as Hulk and Abomination respectively, despite never sharing a scene together.


Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Release: Late 2022
Platform: Disney+


This is going to be a fun one. The crew of the Milano, Star-lord, Rocket, Gamorra, Drax, and Mantis all make holiday happy times in space, ala the cult favorite Star Wars Holiday Special




Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania



Release: February 17, 2023
Platform: Film


Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily star as the titular Ant-man and Wasp in something that seems to be named like a wrestling Pay-Per-View? Details are sparse on this one. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


Release: May 5, 2023
Platform: Film


James Gunn is back to direct what is expected to be the final outing of the Guardians of the Galaxy!




Fantastic Four (Unconfirmed)


Release: TBA
Platform: TBA


Marvel Studios has confirmed that a Fantastic Four film is currently in development following Disney’s acquisition of 21 Century Fox! Hopefully, the third time’s the charm with getting a successful Fantastic Four movie off the ground. 

Secret Invasion


Release: TBA
Platform: Disney+


Not much is know about Secret Invasion as of yet but this will presumably tie-in to the Skrulls and whatever Nick Fury was cooking in the last scene of Spider-man: Far from Home where it was revealed that the Nick Fury on earth was a Skrulls in disguise and the original was somewhere in deep space.



Release: TBA
Platform: Disney+


Ironheart will introduce the character of Riri Williams, played by Dominique Thorne as the titular Ironheart into the MCU. Ironheart is an upstart superhero who wants to follow in Tony Stark’s example, making suits of armor through her own knowledge and scientific expertise 



Armor Wars


Release: TBA
Platform: Disney+


Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes/ War Machine must confront Tony Stark’s greatest fear: his technology falling into the wrong hands!



Untitled Wakanda Series


Release: TBA
Platform: Disney+

Ryan Coogler, writer and director of the Black Panther films is set to direct this one which is poised to be a drama set in Wakanda. We wouldn’t be too mad if it were just Game of Thrones but set in Wakanda–just made sure to stick the landing.





Release: TBA
Platform: TBA

Plans are in motion to bring the daywalking, trash-talking vampire hunter Blade into MCU proper, played by veteran actor Mahershala Ali!


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