The Fall 2020 Anime Worth Keeping an Eye On
Posted by Paolo Arciga September 29, 2020

The previous Summer 2020 anime season was marked with a lot of returning anime, and only had a few new, original shows to offer. It was also in Summer 2020 when the 2nd cour of Haikyuu!! To the Top (AKA Haikyuu!! Season 4) was announced to be delayed until the next season. Well, here’s the good news: that season is now, and aside from the return of our beloved Karasuno boys, there’s plenty of interesting new and original anime coming our way.


If you’re looking through the Fall 2020 Anime chart and you’re not sure which shows to keep watch for, here are some interesting upcoming series coming out this season.

Taiso Samurai


You might look at Taiso Samurai’s trailer and think that it’s just another sports anime capitalizing on the increasing popularity of the genre, but what makes Taiso Samurai worth the hype is the production studio behind it: Studio MAPPA. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Studio MAPPA are responsible for the excellent sports anime series Yuri!!! on Ice and Hajime no Ippo: Rising. While it seems that Taiso Samurai is also being made to promote gymnastics as a sport ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, there’s no animation studio you can trust to make an anime about gymnastics more than MAPPA. 




Noblesse is an upcoming anime from big-name studio Production I.G, based on the Korean webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of Raizel, whose role as the Noblesse makes him the Noble among Nobles. After an 820-year slumber, Raizel’s servant Frankenstein enrolls him at Ye Ran High School to learn the ways of the common people, but soon threats arise that could put his friends and fellow nobles in danger. As the Noblesse, Raizel is left with no choice but to bring out his full power against his superpowered foes.


Moriarty the Patriot


If you liked the Sherlock BBC series or Summer 2020’s excellent Great Pretender, or even just old English detective stories, Moriarty the Patriot is sure to be a treat for you. The anime serves as a prequel to a possible incoming Sherlock Holmes anime, as it focuses on the youth of the gentleman detective’s archnemesis, William James Moriarty. And if that’s not enough to interest you, you should know that Moriarty the Patriot is also being animated by Production I.G.


Akudama Drive


Akudama Drive tells the story of political struggles and subsequent turf wars between futuristic versions of the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan, and it features an ensemble cast of characters. If the art style looks familiar, that’s because it’s being animated by Studio Pierrot, the studio responsible for the Tokyo Ghoul and Naruto anime adaptations (among countless other quality anime). Akudama Drive is also written by Kazutaka Kodaka and features character designs by Rui Komatsuzaki, both of whom you might know for their work in the hit game franchise Danganronpa.


Jujutsu Kaisen


Jujutsu Kaisen’s plot is a mouthful, but here’s my best attempt at simplifying it for you: Yuji, the protagonist, is a member of his high school’s Occult Club, and when cursed spirits manifest in the school through students’ negative emotions, Yuji eats a cursed finger/cursed talisman in order to gain the power to fight them. The cursed finger causes Yuji to be possessed by a legendary demon named Ryomen Sukuna, and also he gets enrolled into a sorcery school, and also he now has to eat every finger of Sukuna’s in order to kill the demon inside him. I’m pretty sure I missed some key details there, but Jujutsu Kaisen is basically Devilman Crybaby meets Dororo meets Yu Yu Hakusho. Did I mention that it’s being animated by MAPPA, the studio that’s been really hitting it out of the park the past few years? 


Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls


We love sports anime, and we love all-girl slice of life anime, so of course, what’s not to love about an anime that’s a bit of both? Iwa Kakeru tells the story of Konomi Kasahara, a puzzle game pro who starts to find similarities between pro rock climbing and puzzle games, and begins to dominate the sport with her puzzle-solving prowess. Just like any sports anime, she soon meets her teammates and her unsurmountable rivals. While the anime is officially credited to fairly new anime studio Blade, it’s also being animated with the assistance of Studio Massket and Wit Studio, the latter of which you might know for their work on Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Vinland Saga.


Returning Anime

Here are the anime series which will be returning this Fall 2020 with new seasons. Alexa, play “FLY HIGH!!” by Burnout Syndromes.


Haikyuu!! To the Top (Season 4, Part 2)


Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Season 3)


Attack on Titan (The fourth and final season)


So those are my recommendations for upcoming Fall 2020 anime to watch out for. Are there any other shows this coming season that you’re excited for, that you didn’t see in this list? Share them with us in the comments! And for any future news on upcoming anime, make sure to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page.

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