Filipino Toy Designer Quiccs is Releasing a Collaboration Figure with Ateneo de Manila University
Posted by Paolo Arciga December 02, 2020

Designer toys have been around since the early 2000s, and they’ve steadily gained widespread popularity over the years as collectibles. With infinite possibilities for collaborations with brands, film/TV franchises, and even video games, toys like the Funko Pop, Qee, and Be@rbrick have all found themselves on the shelves of millions of collectors all over the world. But did you know that the Philippines has its very own homegrown designer toys? If you haven’t heard the name “Quiccs” yet, then you better add it to your list of collectible toy designers to watch out for.


Quiccs Maiquez is a toy designer, graffiti artist, and graphic designer based in the Philippines. As a toy designer, he’s a member of the art collectives Pilipinas Street Plan and Red Mutuca Studios, and as a graphic designer, he works as the creative director for Burnwater Design Studios. With his primary influences being Japanese anime robots, hip-hop music, and graffiti, he created his toy line, Quiccs. 


Source: Hidden Fortress


Quiccs (the toy line) was launched by Quiccs (the man) in 2012 under the brand Hidden Fortress, and there have since been several collaborations between Quiccs and international brands as well as toy designers. The most recent of these collaborations involves a two-year contract with Adidas, through which Quiccs is producing not only collectible toys but also sneaker and apparel designs for the three-striped megabrand.  


It all started with his signature toy and original character, TEQ63 (which stands for “Technique” and “63”, the Philippines’ area code). TEQ63 is the product of all of Quiccs’ artistic influences, with a robot head reminiscent of mechs in 80’s Japanese anime, and a variety of outfits and colorways inspired by graffiti art and hip-hop culture. With Quiccs’ recent collaboration with Adidas, now you can even find TEQ63 figures clad in Adidas Superstar sneakers.


Source: Adidas 



With a long history of collaborations with independent toy producers as well as his new contract with Adidas, Quiccs’ future collaborations could go in any direction, and his next one seems to be Katipunan-bound: it’s a collaboration between Quiccs and his alma mater, Ateneo de Manila University.


For the fellow alumni among our readers, we all know that pride in our campus lasts long after we’ve stepped down from the hill (just look at the hundreds of cheering titos in Ateneo shirts at every Ateneo game in the UAAP), and Quiccs will be putting on the blue and white proudly on his TEQ63 figures in this upcoming collaboration.



The Ateneo TEQ63 sports a blue and white colorway with gold accents, and it features all the usual Atenean motifs you’d find on Ateneo merchandise. There’s an Ateneo logo in front of TEQ63’s hoodie, and  “One Big Fight” painted on the back of his helmet. On the back of the hoodie, there’s also a logo for Magis, the Latin word for “more” or “greater” which is somewhat the Ateneo’s secondary motto (the primary one being “Lux in Domino”). Of course, with Quiccs’ recent TEQ63 figures sporting Adidas sneakers, the Ateneo TEQ63 has some blue and white Superstars on its feet.


The Magis TEQ63 is a limited release with only 400 pieces available for purchase, and it comes in both the colorway depicted above as well as an inverted, primarily blue colorway. If you’re interested in getting yourself a Magis TEQ63, you can fill up an order form on the Magis2020 x Quiccs website.


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