Five Anime to Keep an Eye On This Spring 2020
Posted by Paolo Arciga April 17, 2020

The Winter season has come and gone, and we’re once again back to waiting for new Haikyuu!! episodes (the continuation of the latest season will be released in two months), but fret not! Spring 2020’s got a diverse line-up of new anime, and there’s more than enough to keep us watching ‘til next season. 

Here are five anime to keep an eye on this Spring 2020.


BNA: Brand New Animal

Studio Trigger of Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann fame is back at it again with a new anime called BNA: Brand New Animal, and if it’s from Studio Trigger, you know it’s gonna be good. BNA tells the story of Michiru, a young girl who suddenly finds herself transforming into a humanoid tanuki, and Shirou, a beastman investigating how Michiru’s transformation came to be. Tensions run high as conflicts arise between beastmen and humans in the city, with Michiru and Shirou at the very center of it all. Looks like we have another beast-people anime to watch after the recent breakthrough hit, Beastars



Gleipnir is an anime adaptation of the seinen manga of the same name, and it’s the fifth anime to be produced by up-and-coming studio, Pine Jam. Gleipnir centers on the story of Shuichi, a high school student who somehow has the ability to transform into a monster resembling a nightmarish version of a teddy bear mascot (think Five Nights at Freddy’s). Shuichi rescues a woman named Kurea from a warehouse fire, but he soon discovers her frightening and sadistic demeanor. Gleipnir follows the strange pair as they search for Kurea’s missing sister.



One of the most anticipated slice-of-life comedy anime of the season is Kakushigoto (also known as “My Dad’s Secret Ambition”). The story follows a father and daughter duo named Kakushi and Hime. Kakushi is a manga illustrator who writes and draws erotic manga, and he does his best to try and hide it from his daughter. The show is full of hilarious puns, including even the title. The title can be read as “Hidden secret” (“kakushi” = hidden, “goto” = thing) or “Drawing job” (“kaku” = drawing, “shigoto” = job). It’s even funnier when you realize that Kakushi’s full name is Kakushi Gotou. Kakushigoto is definitely an anime to watch this season if you’re looking for some light viewing. 


Nami yo Kiitekure

Nami yo Kiitekure is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name, whose author also wrote and illustrated Blade of the Immortal. It’s a seinen anime that focuses on the stories of a woman named Minare Koda, who calls up a radio station to vent about her life, and suddenly gets roped into being a radio talk show personality herself. Nami yo Kiitekure is part slice-of-life, part comedy, and sometimes even part action, and it appeals to more adult viewers with its realistic and mature themes.


Tower of God

Tower of God (also known as Kami no Tou) is an original anime produced by Crunchyroll, and the anime streaming platform has gone a long way from being a fansub streaming site. Tower of God is a unique shonen anime set in a large, mysterious tower. The protagonist, Bam, spends most of his life beneath the tower, but when his only friend Rachel chooses to climb the tower to see the top, he follows after her and encounters various enemies and allies on his upward climb. Will he reach the top and see the stars? You’ll have to watch Tower of God to find out.


This Season’s Returning Anime

This Spring 2020, we’ll also be seeing new seasons from the following anime:

Food Wars!: The Fifth Plate

Fruits Basket Season 2

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2



Are there any anime I missed on this list that you’re looking forward to this season? Feel free to share it with us in the comments! We wouldn’t wanna miss on any hidden gems there might be this Spring 2020.

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