Five Things Women Gamers Are Tired Of Hearing
Posted by Donna Almonte March 11, 2020

While we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 every year, we still have a long way to go when it comes to defeating sexism. Despite the percentage of female gamers around the world is steadily rising—37% worldwide and 46% in the US—annoying myths can still be heard around PC shops, school, or the mouths of our ex-guy friends.


Once people find out we’re female on certain online multiplayer games, their behavior changes instantly. It ranges from a creepy Nice Guy to a serial misogynist who will throw the game and blame it on us—and we don’t want to pick one over the other. It gets so bad that we sometimes pretend to be male on our avatars, just so no one hits on us or bullies us out of the party. It really sucks, because gaming is meant to be enjoyed by all.


Want to be an ally? Then please correct these sexist statements (in the form of passive-aggressive, offhand comments) whenever you hear them.

“You really think you’re a gamer? Then (insert trivia question here)”

Hey bruh, are you the gatekeeper of gaming? Guys, please spare us the mansplaining and Jeopardy game show tactics. Ladies, don’t even bother to answer dumb trivia questions to prove something. Like it or not, female gamers are here to play (and slay).


“You’re just playing (game) because of your crush / Is this for your boyfriend?”

Excuse me, I love games on my own. Girls can love games without trying to attract someone. Heck, the Final Fantasy guys are way more good looking than my crushes IRL. (Shoutout to my crush, Noctis.) Why would we waste our time and money—in this economy!—if we didn’t love gaming by itself?


The REAL reason I bought FFXV was for a guy—THIS HANDSOME DEVIL. (Image via Final Fantasy fandom)


Also, how many times have I shopped at a gaming outlet and salespeople assume I’m buying games for my boyfriend? I’ve even gotten this question while buying a PS4 by myself. It may be true that a male has introduced gaming for a few, but not all. Most of us have discovered and continued our love for gaming on our own.


“You’re not a real gamer because you don’t play _______.”

Whether a girl is into Candy Crush, Overwatch, or COD, they have the right to be called a gamer (if they want to be one!). Those are ALL games. Yeah, there are levels of difficulty, and some games have more depth than others, requiring way more playtime. Sure, there are esports athletes, and not everyone can claim to be one. Still, anyone who plays a game on any console is called a gamer. Get over yourself, my dude.


“That’s a girl game, it’s not hardcore.”

While certain games are sometimes exclusive to a console, they’re not gender-exclusive. Games are meant to be enjoyed by all types of people. Manly men don’t need to stick to testosterone-filled action-packed FPS games. Girls don’t need to stick to home-making life sim RPGs or fashion games. You’d be surprised how much girls are addicted to Halo, Call of Duty, and Dota 2. And I’m pretty sure you know a guy who’s addicted to Animal Crossing. C’mon man, it’s 2020. Just let people enjoy things without labeling them!


“Girls suck at (name of game).”

This is the type of dude who will explain controllers to an experienced girl player. Then proceed to rage quit when said girl beats them in a grueling round of Smash Bros. There’s a word for players who trash talk like that, only to be trashed—pikon-talo. By the way, If I suck at a game, then I suck. If I’m good at a game, then I’m good. But don’t generalize my whole sex. Just say “good game” and move onto the next round. I’ve played against guy classmates who insisted there was something wrong with their controller just because I won multiple times against them.


There you have it! While there are more, these are the most common phrases we’ve heard. If you’re guilty of uttering some of these, especially when we were all a lot younger, know that you can do a whole lot better and we’re here to help. If you’re not, then props to you. Stay tuned for more related content this Women’s Month!

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