Fruits Basket Island Is Officially On Animal Crossing: New Horizons!
Posted by Donna Almonte June 17, 2021

The Official Fruits Basket representatives officially tweeted about their own official island on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch game this June 2021. As the beloved Japanese anime series is on its third (and final) season, this is an adorable way to wrap up production. The concept is cute because—spoilers for this 2001 anime—the 12 members of the Soma family are cursed and transformed into animals! And you can Tohru Honda and Kyo, Shigure and Yuki Sohma right on your Nintendo Switch screen. 

Recognize the Soma family mansion? / Image: Donna Almonte


You can recognize a lot of the settings from the anime on the island. This includes Shigure’s house, Kazuma’s dojo, the student council room, and Ayame’s shop! Island residents have catchphrases from the anime that they’ll say in the game. Should you wish to visit them yourself, here are the deets:


They created 8 different houses to faithfully represent the settings / Image: Donna Almonte


  •  Dream Address: DA-8458-4531-4562
  •  Design code: MA-0019-7722-5775


My fruitful visit to Fruits Basket Island

Spotted: the cat-like Kyo Soma! No idea what he’s saying, though. / Image: Donna Almonte


The level of detail that went into everything was simply amazing. Not only were all the streets carefully customized to look like a normal Japanese suburb, the traditional decors were on point, too. Not to mention they set up houses for important settings in the anime. Ayame’s flamboyant dress shop was thoughtfully decorated, Tohru Honda’s room was fully pink and perfect, the Soma Dohjo was minimalist and all wooden.

Ayame’s dress shop looked prettier than I imagined! /  Image via Donna Almonte

Even Shigure’s messy trashy romance novel room was stacked with magazines and comics! Just like the anime! Some details, like futons not existing in AC:NH, were instead replaced by wooden floor seats. I highly appreciated the quaint Japanese aesthetics in every corner I turned.


Tohru’s room! / Image via Donna Almonte


Last but not least, the souvenirs! Upon accessing the portal design code, you, too, can create a Fruits Basket-themed island. I wore Tohru’s schoolgirl uniform myself before I hopped on the DAL plane. 

Make your own colorful Fruits Basket island if you wish. / Image via Donna Almonte


They also carefully picked Animal Crossing villagers who represent the 12 Zodiac Signs, such as Raymond (cat) and Cookie (dog). The level of detail that went into recreating the Fruits Basket experience on the Switch is astounding! Visit the island while it’s available, Fruits Basket-slash-Animal-Crossing fans! It’s the thing you never knew you needed. 


What anime would make a cute crossover with Animal Crossing? How about other video games? Send us your Dream Address if you’ve got an anime island you’d love to share!

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