Geeks and Gamers Guide: Meet our Resident Gamer/Architect, Lyka Mea!
Posted by Raphael Leynes February 26, 2020

Streamer, host, Nationals correspondent, and licensed architect; believe it or not, these are all words to describe Lyka Mea, one of the hosts of GG Network’s newest show, Geeks and Gamers Guide. We got a chance to sit down with Lyka to pick her brain about her gaming life, her new show, juggling studying and streaming and her international beer can collection.


Like A Boss

“In everything you do, make sure you do it Lyka boss”. This is Lyka Mea’s signature catchphrase. Appropriately enough, the statement holds true in her real life. She’s a popular streamer on Twitch; She’s a multifaceted host in her own right and to top things off she’s also a licensed architect.


That last bit is already an impressive feat on its own but Lyka actually achieved her architecture certification while she was already developing a rising career in streaming. If that’s not doing it like a boss, we don’t know what is. 


In fact, she was actually streaming when she found out that she passed the Architecture Board Exam. 


Watch ARCHITECT Lyka Mea from xLykaMea on www.twitch.tv


“I think I was streaming casually for a year already and streaming on Twitch you tend to build a community. So I told my community that I have to study for the Boards so I’ll only be able to stream once a week.” 


“Streaming added a lot of pressure and motivation because I know that a lot of people who [were] watching my streams were cheering me on and rooting for me. In fact, after I passed the Board Exams, I invited a couple of community members out for drinks and they pooled together and gave me a gaming mouse as a congratulatory gift.”



During our brief conversation, it was apparent to me that with everything she does, Lyka is the type of person that values maximizing the value of her time. When I asked her about it she says that will all the things that she’s doing, proper time management has always been an absolute necessity:


“I feel like there’s always so much to do. I’ve been living independently for the last six years, since Third Year College I’ve been apart from my family. Since then, I’ve had to balance house life, I have to do all the chore[s] and everything. I’ve been raised to have a sparkly clean home all the time which is not easy.”


“So you have your [academics], school and home life. Even outside of school I feel like I had to balance all of that. Like doing laundry is time-consuming. That’s why I always have to make sure that my time is managed well.”

Lyka in action as one of the correspondents for The Nationals

Through it all though, Lyka still finds time to game. In fact, Lyka says she’s always been a gamer. Her older sister was an avid  gamer and she found it to love videogames since she’s always had a player 1 to her player 2. She has fond memories of PSone classics like Bust-A-Groove and “helping” her older sister play her favorite RPGs. 


“I was always the player 2 that had the unplugged controller. That was me.”


“My sister would always play a lot of RPGs. And for some reason, even though I wasn’t playing I was having a good time just watching her and supporting her. I knew I wasn’t good at understanding RPGs”


“I love the story mode and everything but when you have to battle bosses you kind of have to be a little bit more strategic. It’s not the same as when  you’re levelling up and just battling normal monsters and I was a kid and my sister was in her teens by that time. So I was just her moral support person.” 


“In one of the games that we played, I think it was Legend of Legaia, the bosses there were a little bit more difficult to beat. So what we would do is that I would hold onto a calculator and she would research beforehand how much the HP of the boss was and I was like “Okay so this is how much damage you’ve done so far. We got like 5000 HP left to go. Teamwork makes the Dream work! (laughs)”


These days, Lyka has become a gamer of many varied tastes. She’s a big fan of first person shooters like PUBG (much like her GGG co-host Aaron). She also enjoys the odd MOBA like Mobile Legends and DOTA 2. She’s also not one to shy away from a good MMORPG. In fact, it was the recent relaunch of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines that actually got her reinvigorated to get back to gaming after a brief hiatus. Lyka will be bringing all her expertise in all these videogame realms and more to Geeks and Gamers Guide.


Geek Gamer Girl

GG Network’s new show Geeks and Gamers Guide will be covering a lot of different fandoms from every corner of the geek universe. As such, Lyka, despite being excited to get started, admittedly feels that there’s a little bit of pressure going into it. 


 “It’s exciting and a little intimidating because you really have to know your stuff. I describe myself as a mild geek but I’m willing to go the extra mile to learn these things. And there’s so many things to learn as well. That’s also what I love about the show because you can geek out about a lot of different things.”


Geeks and Gamers Guide will feature a bunch of different segments that will be littered throughout the course of the show. Lyka is especially looking forward to one specific segment when the show airs.  


There’s this one segment, [working title] which is like a debate where we discuss a certain geek thing and we discuss opinions about that

As a little preview of what to expect from the show, I went through some of the expected segments and tried to pick Lyka’s brain about them. Here’s how the conversation went:



From Wins to Fails, your segment Loot Box collects the clips from gamers from all over the nerdysphere, what is your most awesome gaming moment? 


“So I used to play a lot of FPS games. PUBG was my favorite back then. I was able to wipe a 3-man squad. I’m not very good at shooting, it’s not easy. So I was like ‘yeah this is my best gaming moment!’”


What is your biggest fail?


“I guess there was this one moment I was drinking wine on stream and accidentally spilled it on my keyboard. It turned out fine but it was still scary because it was a new setup.”


The segment Window Shopping focuses on nerdy merch that you find online, What piece of merchandise are you most geeky about?


“I geek the most about travel things. We love to travel a lot, my family and I. So in every place we visit I make sure to take home a beer can. I don’t even drink beer, I just like appreciating all the different designs that they have. ”


“I think my favorite one is my first one. It’s this cute little can, that just has “GUAM” on it. That’s the name of the beer: “GUAM”. It was a present from my friend from Guam.” 


(c) Rakuten.com

“I feel like I have 40 beer cans. Because my mom goes extra sometimes when she finds out people have collections. So when she found out that I was starting my beer collection, sometime like two years ago she brought home like 10 different beer cans. ”


Code Breaker is all about the tips and tricks that get the the advantage on the competition, can you give me what are the tried and tested, patented Aaron Atayde/ Lyka Mea strats


“So my tried and tested strat is: When I enter a team I already tell them not to expect anything from me so they don’t get disappointed(laughs). But the thing is I always get better and they’re always shocked like: ‘No way! I did not expect that’.


App App and Away is all about cool and quirky apps that make your life easier or provide a little entertainment in our pockets, If we looked up the stats on your phone, which are the most used apps?


“Right now, it’s Dumb Ways To Die 3. It kills so much time, they have like six minigames that you can play in the app and they’re all endless mode so you just gotta beat your own high score.”


“[And also] Tik Tok! Tik Tok is sweeping the nation. Fair warning: It will eat up your time if you stay on it long enough. It’s the same with other social media, they calibrate what’s your biggest interest and eventually you swipe up to videos that’s interesting for you”


“For me it’s a lot of cooking. I used to watch a lot of cooking videos. They make it much shorter on the app, like 15 seconds and I’m like ‘that seems so easy to do’ but will I cook it? Now I won’t! (laughs)”


And finally as a fun ender I couldn’t help but ask as a fashion forward person, what do you think is the next step in esports uniforms?


“I think we’re in the right direction right now. They’re going for just two or three colors in the uniforms. I’m not sure if dri-fit is the best though. Dri-fit is usually for contact sports but for esports they’re usually in an air-conditioned environment. So they can lose it for something more comfortable for the players. We don’t really need to compare ourselves to traditional sports players, I think that should be the thing.”


“They’re doing fine now but maybe something a bit more minimal like because it’s always so extra. When I look at the esports jerseys, it’s like a whole jersey full of designs. It can be something really simple like maybe just a simple logo and initials at the back. Because now it’s always so extra, like we have so many designs of like flames and stuff.”


It’s also always so masculine, I want to say. Maybe it should be something neutral and something simple or maybe that’s just the minimalist side of me.


Catch more of Lyka Mea on Geeks and Gamers Guide which premieres on GG Network this Thursday, February 27th.


Now Reading: Geeks and Gamers Guide: Meet our Resident Gamer/Architect, Lyka Mea!
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