How To Celebrate Geek Day With Pride!
Posted by Donna Almonte May 25, 2020

Yup, it’s another one of those arbitrary holidays you’ve never heard of before you chanced upon this article. But hey, any excuse to eat cake AND show off our merch to the rest of the world, right? Before you take a selfie and do just that, check out some of our top suggestions to celebrate this holiday with style.



Where did Geek Day come from?

Did you know that this whimsical holiday is celebrated every May 25 because of the  1977 Star Wars premier? The spark ignited when New Yorker Tim Mceachern organized Geek Pride festivals back in 1988. Then in 2006, Spanish blogger Germán Martínez organized the first event. Soon, Spain was celebrating it as Día del Orgullo friki (Geek Pride Day) and it gained international recognition, thanks to the internet. 


While Geek Day is mostly celebrated in the West, there’s no stopping us from celebrating our day around Asia. Chances are if you belong to the Star Wars fandom, you’ve been commemorating this day. If you’re a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, it’s “Towel Day” for you. Or perhaps you’re a member of the Discworld fandom, whose calendars note the Glorious 25th of May. These three fandoms have their own reasons to toast every May 25, making Geek Day more exciting. 


Who can celebrate Geek Day? 

They say there are two kinds of “geeks”: one is a true geek and the other a nerd. The litmus test: when you say “May the force…”, a geek thinks, “…be with us.” The nerd says, “…be equals mass times acceleration”.


But I disagree. There are all kinds of geeks, as long there’s a high level of obsession and satisfaction for interests beyond the mainstream. Check out the Geek Pride Day official site for more specifics on the definition of a geek.  


You can geek out on anything, not just the tech stereotype. A lot of geeks are into sci-fi, anime, steampunk, comic books, cosplay, video games, vintage fashion, and more. It’s a day meant for collectors, enthusiasts, designers, artists, fanboys, and fangirls. Anyone who is perpetually geeking out on their beloved passion of choice with intelligence and technical know-how.


Geekiness rules

According to the U.S. based National Day Calendar, there is an unofficial “bill of geeks” published by tech companies and websites. 


Here are some of our supposed rights: 


  • the right to be more geek
  • staying at home
  • not have a partner and be a virgin
  • not to like football or sports
  • the right to geek association
  • to have few friends (or none)
  • to have all the friend’s geeks who love each other
  • not to go to fashion.
  • to overweight and myopia.
  • world domination

Here are 3 fun ways to celebrate Geek Day


Aside from, you know, the usual anime binge-fest and Star Wars playbacks, why not take it to the next level? (Because you can!)


Hold a Geek Pride meeting 

 Geeks, unite! How else can you plot World Domination—or at least continue that weekly D&D session—without tuning into Discord, Zoom, or whatever video call streaming platform you have access to? If you’re playing D&D, DMs will have to be more creative so that every player can feel immersed in the story.


Try incorporating your character on Snap Camera or cool gaming backdrops on Zoom! It doesn’t have to be D&D either. From League of Legends to Call of Duty (maybe even Animal Crossing!), as long as you’re connecting with fellow geeks, it’ll be fun. 


Wear your Geek Day costume

Not into Star Wars? How about Star Trek? Today is the perfect day to show off your cosplay! Low or high quality, it doesn’t matter. Swing a saber, craft yourself some Spock ears, dye your hair green like Joker, or dress up in a uniform ala Sailor Moon. Pressed for time? Try an easy character filter from Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Your Instagram friends are in for a visual feast once you’ve assembled yourself into your favorite character of all time. 


Learn a new geeky skill

If you’ve always loved Japanese anime, maybe you can start learning Japanese so you can understand ‘em without subs. Why not something cooler like Elvish or  Dothraki language? For tech geeks, starting a new programming language is always a great idea! Or maybe take up photography and start with making a separate Instagram account to show off your best figures. 


Why not try to recreate a recipe from Shokugeki no Soma or try playing a simple cover of a Pokemon tune? It’d be cool to recreate an iconic pop culture series on your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island, too. (You’d be surprised at how creative you actually are.)


Whatever awesome activity you decide to do, it’s worth celebrating. Happy #GeekPrideDay!


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