Lengthy, Classic Animes You Can Finally Binge This Summer
Posted by Donna Almonte March 31, 2020

Have you already finished your Netflix anime watch list? Got too much time on your hands? Is life beginning to feel like one long filler episode? Not to worry—we’ve got you covered. The recommended animes below have stood the test of time, and have devoted fans all over the world. They’re perfect if you want to immerse yourself in another world for a while. From murder mysteries to epic ninjas, here’s a quick list of four super long animes to watch! 


You must have heard of this one for sure. Join Naruto, a young ninja who seeks to bring honor to Konoha village by becoming a Hokage—a group of the strongest ninjas ever. The series is jampacked with blood pumping, heartwarming, and hilarious moments. Naruto starts out weak, but he has clever tricks up his sleeve to match his rival Sasuke and show his crush, Sakura, that he ain’t useless. As a group, they help out established ninjas and find ways to beat enemies ten times stronger than they are. 

It’s such a popular anime that a lot of young adults use the term “Hokage” as Filipino slang. The Naruto run is famous as well. Be warned, there are a lot of filler episodes (non-essential to the plot), feel free to skip them with this filler list

  • Episode count: 500
  • Available on Netflix

Detective Conan

Oldie but goodie. This manga-based thriller anime aired its first episode in—gasp—1996! And it’s ongoing—fans predict that they’ll probably reach up to at least 1,000 episodes in total. The plot is centered around Conan, a young high school detective who gets chemically turned into a 7-year-old kid. That doesn’t stop him from solving mysteries with his first love, Ran, as he disguises himself into Detective Mori right before he cracks murder cases. 

The running joke among fans is that the series has been going on for so long, Conan should have been back to his adult self already. This series also has a high filler episode percent (42%), so here’s a filler list to skip those. Now find out whodunnit as you sit back, relax, and watch each exciting episode after another. 

  • Episode count: 970—still ongoing
  • Available on Funimation

One Piece

Are you a fan of The Pirates Of The Caribbean? Or shounen anime, in general? Try One Piece! It’s the world’s most popular manga, with an extremely popular anime to match. It literally has its own indoor theme park inside Tokyo Tower. The fans are crazy about the characters, and after watching several episodes, you’ll find a big and weird family to love. Join Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as they search for the ultimate treasure and witness Luffy’s quest to become the Pirate King. Warning: lots of laughs and tears ahead! 

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Discover a quirky group of Hunters who save the world over and over again. Gon, a young fisherman, decides to leave Whale Island to become a pro-Hunter. Together with Killua (an assassin), Kurapika (a clan member seeking revenge), and Leorio (a medical student), Gon encounters hidden treasures, evil troupes, and otherworldly creatures.  

Nicknamed HXH, a loyal following of fans have patiently waited for the anime to be continued since its hiatus in 2001. Luckily, the anime got a reboot and adaptation by Madhouse, trying to catch it up with the manga series. Fun fact: The manga series also frequently experiences hiatus, as seen in this chart—fans have been begging the creator, Togashi, to continue it. And it’s not hard to see why: the story and characters are compelling, cleverly written, and emotionally complex, you’ll be surprised that you’re crying buckets of tears over a shounen action anime! 

  • Episode Count: 148
  • Available on Netflix

Enjoy your binge-fest with these top animes so you can get away from the noise a little bit. We think you’ll emerge from your hermit cave with a sense of wonder and nostalgia!


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