The Defining Moments in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Series
Posted by Yuri Mangahas April 27, 2020

It’s been 22 years since a young lad named Yugi Mutoh completed the mysterious Millenium Puzzle, and who would’ve thought it would lead to much bigger things? There’s no mistaking or denying the huge success of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, with the titular character being a part of our geeky childhood. The mechanics of the Duel Monsters game might have gone wilder and convoluted through the years, but at the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the game and having a great time.

The YGO anime series has shown us a myriad of thrilling and clutch-worthy moments, from Yami Yugi summoning Exodia to Yuma Tsukumo transforming into his Zexal form. Some of these moments have defied the fundamentals of the Duel Monsters game, and to an extent, the anime’s physics as well.

That being said, let us recount the defining moments in the YGO anime franchise.


Yugi Crushes Kaiba with Exodia

Probably one of the most iconic scenes in the original YGO anime, Yami Yugi played a game of attrition against his bitter nemesis Seto Kaiba in the hopes of drawing his trump monster. A couple of turns later, and Yugi draws the last card in his final strategy: summoning Exodia the Forbidden One. The rest of the duel, as they say, became a part of anime history.


Yugi Attacks The Moon

Yugi fought against legendary ocean duelist Mako Tsunami in the preliminary round of the Duelist Kingdom tourney. Mako’s sea terrain advantage prohibited Yugi’s ground-based monsters from landing any attacks. With the blond-haired duelist trapped in Mako’s chains, he resorted to twisting the rules to his favor and attacked the moon itself, altering the effect of the sea’s tides and leaving Mako’s monster open for an attack.

Interestingly, the scene has become so popular that Konami decided to design an actual magic card out of it.


Yami Yugi Almost Kills Weevil

In the fourth season of the anime, scheming bug-type duelist Weevil Underwood utilized the seal of Orichalcon to fight Yami Yugi in efforts to deter him from rescuing his best friend’s soul. Incensed in a fit of rage, Yami Yugi casts Berserker Soul to continuously pummel Weevil with a chain of direct monster attacks, much to Tea Gardner’s horror and to the fans’ delight.

Perhaps it’s Yami Yugi’s way of getting even with Weevil after the latter threw Yugi’s Exodia cards to the sea prior to the Duelist Kingdom tourney. Good riddance, Weevil.


Kaiba Summons Obelisk Out of Nowhere

Seto Kaiba has been obsessed with defeating his rival Yami Yugi by any means necessary. Having been denied an opportunity to duel him one last time, Kaiba siphons his anger into summoning Obelisk the Tormentor from the depths of the Egyptian Tomb’s abyss without the need of an actual card. Guess it is safe to assume that Obelisk sensed his original wielder’s fury and answered his call.


Judai Yuki Battles a Younger Yugi Mutoh

Following his graduation from Duel Academy in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Judai Yuki wanders across the globe to learn more about dueling. He comes across an older Yugi Mutoh in a museum and finds himself drifting back in time to face off against the original protagonist’s younger self. Eventually, Yami Yugi joins the battle to respond to Judai’s reawakened duelist instinct, and the battle ends in an undisclosed conclusion.


Yusei Fudo Accel Synchros Shooting Star Dragon

In Duel Monsters, players are prohibited from summoning monsters during their opponents’ turns. However, in Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, Yusei circumvents the rule in show-stealing fashion. During the Neo Domino City tournament arc, Yusei finally achieves the “Clear Mind” state to defy Meklord Emperor  Wise’s effect and summon Shooting Star Dragon halfway through his opponent’s turn. He may have broken the game’s rules, but admit it, this scene is pure animated gold.


Yami Yugi, Judai, and Yusei Team Up Against Paradox

Before the events of YGO 5Ds’ Crash Town arc, time-traveling duelist Paradox ventures through all eras of the series in a bid to eliminate the game of Duel Monsters, believing it to be the source of the world’s dystopian future. To save the timeline, Yusei travels back in time with the help of the Crimson Dragon to team up with Judai and a younger Yugi Mutoh to stop Paradox.


Yuma Tsukumo Fuses with Astral to Achieve Zexal Form

If you think you have seen enough clutch moments from the franchise, think again. You probably haven’t seen a duelist overlay himself to XYZ summon a new form. In the closing moments of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal‘s first season, Yuma Tsukumo employs the power of his bonds with Astral to overlay themselves and achieve Zexal Form, a power that enables a duelist to cast Zexal Weapons and turn the tide of a duel.


If this wasn’t enough, Yuma achieves Zexal II to fight off stronger duelists in the show’s second season.


What is your favorite YGO moment? Let us know in the comments!

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