Trese Has Taken Over Metro Manila
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 14, 2021

The release of the hotly-anticipated Netflix anime-adaptation of local comic book Trese last week has turned Metro Manila into almost an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) of sorts thanks to its ingenious marketing campaign, where the Metro Manila depicted in the pages of Trese is seemingly making its way into the real world and blending into Metro Manila we know—or were they the same all along?

We decided to participate in the fun, recapping the news by featuring these legitimate and totally-not-made-up news publications! Enjoy!



Trese Billboards Vandalized, Night Creatures Point Fingers

Manila, Philippines – Early this morning, citizens woke up to uneasy and disconcerting scenes of vandalism all across the metro. The targets were apparently the billboards that feature Trese, an anime on the popular-streaming platform Netflix, based on the case files of the mysterious police consultant known only as Alexandra Trese. 

What were once proud banners of great hope, promise, and representation, have now been defaced with terrible acts of malicious destruction. Seemingly overnight, Trese’s billboards were viciously torn apart and marred with blood offering a warning to the city’s incumbent Lakan of the Sacred Accords.



Variants of the message “Siyudad namin ito, LAYAS” (This is our city, LEAVE) can be seen crudely sprawled on each of massive banners littered throughout Metro Manila as well as several towns and provinces in the country.

At the time of this posting, The Tabi-Tabi Post has reached out to our otherworldly contacts, but it seems none of the major tribes are willingly claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Precinto 13, Police Capt. Beau Guerrero, suspected long-time collaborator of the Trese family, refused to comment on the matter but instead reiterated the city’s hardline stance against graffiti and vandalism.

“Destruction of property is a serious offense in the City of Manila. No further comment.”

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Manila, Philippines – Video footage has surfaced of the alleged perpetrators of the string of malicious and premeditated defacing of billboards that baffled the metro late last week. In the footage, which was shared by the official Netflix Twitter, several humanoid figures can be seen destroying the promotional materials of the Netflix anime Trese which debuts this month.

A word of warning, the following clip is not for the faint of heart. Several camera glitches have altered the footage to make figures captured appear erratic and disturbing. Rest assured, these are merely tricks of the light.

Parents are advised to avoid watching said footage in the presence of a minor:

Several upset netizens took to social media to express how they feel about the recent eerie revelation:

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Metro Manila– In a bizarre announcement today, television and media juggernaut ABC-ZNN has seemingly revealed plans to switch from their iconic channel slot, channel 2 into channel 13. The curious reveal was done, not through social media, emails, or press releases but instead solely through the windows of the ABC-ZNN main building, within its compound in Quezon City.


In the early evening this past Sunday, as the sun began to set on the city, lights of the popular TV station flickered to life proclaiming the momentous, ground-breaking announcement to the world. The word “TRESE” in big luminescent letters was spelled out in windows which translates to the number “13” in Tagalog. This tease can likely mean that the station is looking to pursue new beginnings in a different channel slot, which marks the first time the station has moved since its inception.

Trese is now streaming on Netflix! Featuring episodes directed by Jay Oliva, Tim Divar, David Hartman, Mel Zwyer and produced by BASE Entertainment. Trese is written by Budjette Tan with art by Kajo Baldisimo and is available via Avenida Books.


Do you prefer Trese’s Manila or our Manila? Are they one and the same? Let us know in the comments below!

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