What’s Up With The X-Men
Posted by Raphael Leynes November 30, 2019

Marvel’s X-Men and the rest of the mutants have been through a lot in their long-storied history. They’ve encountered multiple genocides and persecutions as well as the deaths of several of their core members. However, if you pick up and of the recent X books under Jonathan Hickman’s new run then you’ll find that the mutants are actually experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity for a change. This is all due to the following factors:

The Discovery of Krakoa

The sentient island know as Krakoa isn’t a new discovery per se. Its been around for a long time in the Marvel universe ever since the time of Apocalypse maybe even earlier. What is new however is how the Charles Xavier and the mutants incurred the islands’ blessing and turned it into the new home for mutantkind. 

This adoption into Krakoa gives the mutants access to unique biotechnological advancements which allows the mutants to protect their own and grow and develop as a race and society.

Mutant Super Drugs

The mutants interfacing with Krakoa has also allowed the creation of three miraculous wonder drugs: One an extremely powerful anti-biotic able to adapt to virtually any disease; Another that significantly decreases the rate of human aging; and the last, a drug that eliminates all forms of mental illness. 

In days past, a much more trusting Charles Xavier would have offered these Krakoan miracle drugs as a gesture of good will to the world but instead this new radicalized Xavier offers it as a form of global leverage. In exchange, Xavier demands that countries that accept the production of the drugs also recognize the sovereignty of Krakoa and its populace. 


The Revelation of Moira X

Moira Mactaggert has been Charles Xavier’s long time on again, off again human love interest for decades. However in the new X books specifically Powers of X, its been revealed that she herself was a mutant this whole time. 

An even bigger revelation is that Moira’s powers of reincarnation and full recollection allow her to keep the knowledge she has acquired throughout her whole life when she dies and is reborn as her younger self. It’s been revealed that Moira has encountered multiple futures concerning mutantkind and has subsequently worked to prevent or assist in the creation of such futures. 

Its widely believed that it is through Moira’s multiple reincarnations and knowledge exchanges with Charles Xavier that the pair have ushered this new utopia for mutants. 


Mutants Unite under the Quiet Council of Krakoa

This daring new age for mutantkind finds all members of their race, both allies and enemies under one roof to forge their society anew. At the forefront are its leaders, also assembled from all corners of mutantdom as the Silent Council of Krakoa. 

At the head of the hierarchy, dubbed the Autumn table is of course Charles Xavier, Magneto and Apocalypse. At the Spring table, is Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and the Red King which oversees the business dealings of Krakoa and its various wonder drug exports. At the Summer table is Jean Grey, Storm and Nightcrawler which oversees the military capabilities of the nation. The Winter table is its science and technology branch with Mystique, Exodus and Mister Sinister at the fore. And of course, Krakoa itself gets a seat at the table with its translator/liason Cypher. Together they form the Quiet Council of Krakoa that governs and protects is land and its people. 

The Gift of Immortality

Possibly the biggest revelation in the whole House of X Storyline is that the mutants have mastered the art of Resurrection and have essentially become immortal. The process is the result of the the combination of the powers of 5 omega level mutants and a secret hidden function of Cerebro. First the mutant known as Goldballs creates nonviable cellular eggs that act as the genetic cocoon from which the mutants spring forth. Then Proteus bends reality to turn these eggs into viable ones. From there, Elixir kick starts the cellular replication process then time manipulating mutant Eva Bell speeds up the development of the eggs. All the while Hope binds and amplifies each of the fives’ powers to work in perfect unison. 

Once the physical forms are ready, Charles Xavier and Cerebro comes into play. Apparently Cerebro has been downloading and copying the psychological profile and state of each mutant in existence and storing in its database. The final piece of their Resurrection model has Xavier upload the various consciousness to their respective bodies and the deceased X-Men breathe anew. 

It’s been widely theorized that Xavier has been doing this for quite sometime now and that many o  the original versions of the X-Men have long since perished, with these new indistinguishable refurbished versions having taken their place.

With these developments the mutants have achieved unrivaled peace and prosperity, at least for the time being.

However, their many enemies are gathering and are hell bent to put a stop to their rise. In the pages of X-force #1 they’ve already struck the first major blow. The Assassination of Charles Xavier.

It’s a brave new world for mutants once again, and it will be very interesting to see what Hickman and his team of writers and artists for the new X-books will do. The big question now is: how will this new status quo mutants fare in the bigger Marvel universe?

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