Why ‘Fans’ Attacked The Attack On Titan’s Final Season (Spoiler Alert: They Didn’t Need To)
Posted by Donna Almonte January 27, 2021

Studio WIT animated Attack on Titan’s first 3 seasons, and for the final Season 4, they’ve handed the reins over to Studio MAPPA (same animators of Kakegurui and Yuri on Ice).



Naturally, a lot of fans were unnerved—people have seen it happen before, particularly with another well-loved dark fantasy called Game of Thrones. GoT was heavily criticized for veering away from the books they’re based on. (George R.R. Martin doesn’t write fast enough and rightfully so—he shouldn’t be rushed by the bigwigs.) Other animes that have had the same bad effect on production include One Punch Man and Seven Deadly Sins


Going back to the Attack on Titan anime, a lot was at stake. The gap between Season 1 and Season 2 was around 4 years—they needed more source material from the manga. Not to mention, Season 4 was slated for release last July 2019, but the producers of the show wanted to go with a different direction as the show reached the turning point—Eren and the rest reaching the shores of the outside world. 


Here’s Eren back in Season 1 (notice the lines?) /  Image: IMDB


While it’s been said that AoT is in danger of doing what GoT did for its finale (rushed work and a decline in quality), there was nothing to fear at all, in my opinion. So far, Studio MAPPA did AoT justice. The warmth of the color schemes, the bloodiness, and crisp action scenes, the ‘thousand-mile-stare’ facial expressions, experimental animation style; all of the elements of what made AoT anime great are all there, and even improved! I think Attack on Titan Season 4 in general looks slightly more beautiful compared to its predecessors, with the orange hue of the sunset recurring as the anime reaches its peak. 

“Not Eren” (take a guess), again look at the lines / Image: Attack on Titan Season 4 Official Trailer



Fellow fans have been surprised by the top-notch quality. Not to mention, the line thickness is thinner, the line variations are lessened, the female characters seem less sexualized, and the character designs look closer to the manga. The CGI they applied was used excellently, so why all the hate? YouTuber Ivory has called out the toxic fans who are bashing Studio MAPPA staff on Twitter, calling them degenerates. Here is their exhausted response to the bashers:


To the so-called ‘fans’ bashing the hard work of Studio MAPPA just because they love Attack on Titan so much, please stop harassing the new studio. What are you really fighting for? The rest of us are happy and swept away by AoT’s stunning visuals and storyline every week. Give criticism where it’s due and leave the hate and toxicity behind in 2020. Studio MAPPA didn’t kill the series; you’re killing your own enjoyment of it. 


How about you? Do you feel strongly about the recent studio change? Let us know and stay tuned for more anime news right here on GG Network!



Now Reading: Why ‘Fans’ Attacked The Attack On Titan’s Final Season (Spoiler Alert: They Didn’t Need To)
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