Thanks Prince of Persia, Now I Don’t Know the Difference Between Remake and Remaster Again
Posted by Raphael Leynes September 14, 2020

In a videogame industry enamored with digging things up from the past, polishing it and selling them right back to us, remasters, remakes, and all sorts of Re’s are just par for the course these days. In just this year, Warcraft III to Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Final Fantasy 7 have come back in one form or another to entertain us once again. Forget “S-E-X”, it’s the nostalgia that really sells.


Now there’s really nothing wrong with a little nostalgia trip to revisit old favorites, especially if a coat of polish and some tweaks here and there make the experience better for our modern tastes. However, with all the Re-Reckonings, Warmastered Editions and Reforged-s, it’s been really, REALLY hard to keep up with the terms.


For a while there, after the shellshock from all the nostalgia bombs wore off, it really seemed like we had it all figured out: Remasters were the upgraded and updated versions of the original game. Remakes were complete, reimaginings of a familiar property. Remasters, like Saint Row the Third Remastered or BioShock Remastered, were usually built from the game systems and essential DNA of the old game but polished up to modern standards. Remakes, on the other hand, like with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or Resident Evil 2 Remake, were built from the ground up with new systems and often new additions to the narrative to better flesh out the story.


For a time, there was peace and order in the world, everyone knew what they were getting into when they’d pick up a game that was either a Remaster or a Remake. It was a time of great prosperity.


But then everything changed during the recent Ubisoft Forward, when they unveiled Prince of Persia: Remake. It was an upgraded, upscaled version of the original PS2 classic which, with all due respect to the developers, should have easily qualified as a “Remaster”. Instead they decided to bless it with the hallowed title of Remake unaware of the consequences it would bring. And once again, the line was blurred anew.




In a world wracked with uncertainty, is it too much to ask for a little order among the chaos? Can we as a gaming culture—publishers, developers, time-travelling princes— just come to a meaningful understanding? I have enough difficulty determining if I sanitized my hands enough after touching a door handle, can I please just know what the difference is between a remake and a remaster? Just to feel like the world will be alright, please.


But then again why do we even bother putting meaning into words? Why bother with distinctions and definitions at all?  We did put “YOLO” and “BAE” in the dictionary then promptly stopped using them.


Is it a remake or a remaster? Enlighten us in the comments below! For more fun videogame stuff check out Hey Listen, Dark Souls with Guns isn’t as Easy as You Think it is and I Have No Idea What The Fast and the Furious Game is But I am Going to Play It

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