What To Expect With The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Free April Update
Posted by Donna Almonte April 23, 2020

Good news, Animal Crossing fans! This April 23 (today), you can expect a lot of exciting new features, seasonal events, and new animal friends “crossing” your path. From romantic June brides to cute little azalea shrubs, here’s exactly what to expect from the April update.


Leif’s garden shop

Shrubs are now available! (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

You can now buy shrubs and plant ‘em alongside your homes for a more cozy feel. Leif, the plant-loving sloth, also sells different kinds of little saplings and flower seeds. No more flying to friends’ houses just to spice up your garden variety!


Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler

Collect pirated and real rare art and furniture! (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

Mysterious fox Redd will arrive on a ship named Treasure Trawler, where you can collect both real (and forged) rare art and furniture. Get those turnip savings ready so you can shop ‘til you drop.


Museum Expansion

Is that The Thinker? We think so. (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

Thought the museum was already waaay too huge? Think again! Blathers will be happy to announce a new room to display your collection of sculptures and paintings. Hoo hoot!


April – June Events


Nature Day (April 23 – May 4)

Everyone gets plus points! (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

Need to rack up more points? Luckily, you’ve got nature-related activities to collect up more 5 times more Nook Miles+ points (for a limited time, so don’t miss playing on these special days). 


May Day (May 1 – May 7)

A-maze-ing! (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

Tired of all the RNG islands? Go on a totally new vacay this Labor Day and enjoy a May-Day Island Tour. Weave your way through a maze, collect items, and meet the adorable feline, Rover. 


International Museum Day (May 18 – May 31)

Geek out on fish, dinosaurs, and bugs. (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

All the more reason to keep coming back to the museum this season—collect stamps and get rewarded based on the display that you visit.  

Wedding Season (June 1 – June 30)

Become a blushing June bride (or groom) at Harvey’s Island! (Image via Nintendo UK, YouTube)

Perhaps the most romantic update—you can fly to Harvey’s Island and arrange your own wedding anniversary photos. 


There may be more updates than what was officially announced. Based on data mining, rumor has it that players will soon be able to grow veggies, go deep-sea diving, and chill at a Brewster cafe. Whatever it’ll be, for now, we have our hands full of all the new features coming out today! 


Delight in the calming effect of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (a godsend in these trying times) and follow @AC_Isabelle on Twitter to stay in the loop.

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