Episode 11 | Monty Macalino Masters Two Efficient Freelance Sets in NBA 2K17 | pisode 11 of ATR features Monty Macalino upgrading

Episode 10 | Jutt Sulit Learns How to Use the Portland Trail Blazers in NBA 2K17 | On the 10th episode of ATR, Jutt learns how to max

Takot Inc. Trailer | Watch celebrities and sports personalities scream

Layers of Fear | Joyce Pring paints the town red… with blood! | What defines an artist? Creativity or is it simply

Slender: The Arrival | Fourth Solomon! Watch out for that thing wearing a suit! | He’s tall, thin, and ready to see you. Slender

Until Dawn | Daiana Menezes’ palms sure are sweaty—with fear! | Your choices and actions can determine everyone’

P.T. | Roxee B. is Pretty Terrifying, isn’t she? | If you’re familiar with the Silent Hills franchi

Resident Evil 7 Teaser | Escape the horrors with Denden and Amy | Volleyball stars Denden Lazaro and Amy Ahomiro imm

Alien: Isolation – Survivor Mode | Jay Contreras tries to grab an Alien’s tail! | Pinoy rockstar Jay Contreras takes a turn for the

Episode 1 | NBA2K17 Face Off with Monty Macalino and Jutt Sulit | Join PBA anchor and sports journalist Jutt Sulit a

Episode 2 | Jutt Sulit learns how to pick a team in NBA 2K17 | In this episode of Above The Rim, Jutt Sulit gets

Episode 3 | Monty Macalino Masters the Pick & Roll in NBA 2K17 | In real-life basketball as well as in NBA 2K17, th

Episode 4 | Jutt Sulit learns how to operate the post in NBA 2K17 | Check out Jutt Sulit as he acquires the know-how o

Episode 5 | Monty Macalino studies the nastiest NBA 2K17 Iso Plays | During the game’s most crucial moments and w

Episode 8 | Crushing NBA 2K17 Set Plays with Jutt Sulit | In episode 8 of Above The Rim, Jutt Sulit steps hi

Episode 7 | Monty Macalino Learns How to Properly Defend in NBA 2K17 | There’s a saying in basketball that goes, of

Episode 6 | Jutt Sulit and the Art of Passing and Shooting in NBA 2K17 | Passing and shooting are among the fundamentals in

Cosplay Attack Ep. 5 | Battle of the Cosplayers | It’s the moment of truth for R2 and Kanra an

Cosplay Attack Ep. 4 | It’s on Like Comicon! | Asia Pop Comic Con 2016 has made its way to Manila

PAYLOAD | PES 2017 Full Game: Borussia Dortmund Vs. Liverpool | Find out what Pro Evolution Soccer has in store fo

Cosplay Attack Ep. 3 | Heroes At (Cos)Play | On this episode of Cosplay Attack, it’s time

Cosplay Attack Ep. 2 | Flashy Cosplay Clash | Superheroes have always been a hit. On this episod

Payload Ep. 1 | No Man’s Sky Review | Considered as one of the most-awaited game release

Battle Babes: Evolve Stage 2 Game 2 | Whacking the Kraken! | Allyza, Bianca, Een, and Erika laid the smack down

Battle Babes: Evolve Stage 2 Game 1 | The Evolution of Batas! | Filipino Rapper Batas Pinakamalakas plays as a gia

Battle Babes: Dead by Daylight Game 2 | Why do you hurt the ones you love?! | Will Allyza, Bianca, Een, and Erika continue to su

Battle Babes: Dead by Daylight Game 1 | Escape from Ryan Araña! | The first challenge has been issued to the Battle

Cosplay Attack Ep. 1 | A Walk on the Dead Side | Hosts Kanra and R2 and challenger Zelle walk over

Match Day Ep. 3 | Super Smash Bros. Battle Ft. Apple David and Carla Lizardo | In this edition of Match Day, we ask Sports 5’s

Match Day Ep. 2 | FIFA 16 Battle: Ft. UP Men’s and Women’s Football Team | After ruling their respective divisions in the UAA

GG Stream Team Ep. 3 | Tom Clancy’s The Division Ft. Gadget Pilipinas | Do you ever wonder how a post-apocalyptic New York

GG Stream Team Ep. 2 | Ark: Survival Evolved Ft. Ram Ronquillo | Are you up for some dino hunting? Gear up for a wi

GG Stream Team Ep. 1 | Overwatch Ft. Riku | For the first edition of the GG Stream Team, we’

Tech+Therapy Ep. 3 | ASUS VC239H IPS LCD MONITOR | Is the ASUS VC239H the ultimate gaming monitor for

Tech+Therapy Ep. 2 | ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA | Looking for a system that will match your gaming o

Tech+Therapy Ep. 1 | GAMING POWERED BY ASUS | Find the right combination of specs and peripheral

Player One Ep. 1 | John Dodson | UFC Bantamweight John Dodson drops by the studio f

Match Day Ep1 | NBA 2K16 Battle | Can their on-court wizardry translate to virtual s

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