ASUS announces its new ROG Strix models in the Philippines

To cap off an exciting week of new laptop releases, ASUS unveiled another set of gaming machines at their sale and laptop launch event last September 30 at Skydome, SM North EDSA. ASUS’ new Strix laptops are made with esports players in mind, be it MOBA fans or FPS gamers.

ROG Strix GL503/GL703

The first set of laptops unveiled are the 15.6″ Strix GL503 and the 17.3″ GL703. As said above, the laptops are made for esports players, and as such the base models are equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Cards and Intel Core i7 Processors. Higher end models will also be available, with GPU options of up to a GTX 1070.

The GL503/Gl703 will also feature an RGB keyboard, a plethora of I/O ports, and an easily removable back cover – which makes future laptop upgrades easier.

ROG Strix Hero Edition

The GL503/GL703 will also have limited edition models, the first of which is the Hero Edition. The Hero Edition of the new Strix models is designed for MOBA fanatics, and the scales design at the back reflects that.

As it is designed for MOBAs, the keyboard’s QWER keys are highlighted, as MOBAs generally use these keys for abilities.

ROG Strix Scar Edition

The other special edition of the GL503/GL703 is the SCAR edition. While the Hero edition is for Dota and League of Legends players, this one is made with Overwatch and CS:GO players in mind.

The SCAR edition’s keyboard also has highlighted keys, though this time it’s the WASD keys, which are used for FPS movement.

Variants & Pricing

All ROG Strix models announced by ASUS will be available this month onwards; and they’ll have lots of different configurations to choose from. Budget-conscious buyers may opt for models with less RAM and a 1050 GPU, while those who want the best should go for 1070 GPU models with 16 GB of RAM.

The GL503/GL703’s price will start at PHP 59,995. While the HERO and SCAR editions will start at PHP 74,995.

But for those with lots of cash to burn, ASUS has just the model for you with their top-end Strix SCAR edition that’s equipped with a 144hz display, the first for any gaming notebook.