How Gaming Hardware Company, Razer, Is Helping Save Lives
Posted by Donna Almonte May 19, 2020

While life is in “Hard Mode” for people around the world, the gaming community is trying out creative ways to help flatten the curve. Hardware company and gaming accessory maker, Razer, is doing the same for Singapore’s citizens with 20 vending machines placed strategically across the nation by June 1st. It is well-timed as there has been a massive increase in cases in Singapore from hundreds to over 25,000 cases by May 15. 


Singapore has reported a whopping 3,000 cases from May 12 to May 15 alone. It does not help that, while local gov’t has implemented stricter measures regarding lockdown (in fact, you cannot be in public without one), the masks have been hard to source and provide for all. 


Singapore has been praised last March for their contact tracing tech. Presently, this was not enough as there has been a recent outbreak, with more than half of 1,000 cases emerging from factory converted foreign worker dormitories. This is where Razer steps in—the company has already shifted its manufacturing towards health essentials and shipped around 1 million masks of these around the world by the end of April. 


Now, partnered with Sunningdale Tech (a plastic manufacturer), Razer has pledged to give away 5 million free masks to Singaporeans aged 16 and above. This project will be doled out using Razer Pay, the company’s mobile wallet app.



It’s not all about whether a gaming company can come up with innovative tech involving virtual reality and artificial intelligence. As gamers and movie-bingers, we know this by heart. The way to defeat the overpowered enemy is by changing the strategy to fulfill the needs of the current situation. 


Contract tracing was definitely helpful, but masks are more vital than ever to curb the deadly outbreak spreading throughout concentrated factory areas. In this case, Razer is converting its technology to manufacture masks instead of solely gaming products. 


Life continues to be in “Hard Mode” for all, but if gaming hardware companies like Razer can find a way, then other companies worldwide can definitely follow their lead. They’ve yet to confirm if the surgical masks will look like the standard ones, but local gamers hope that they’ll add a playful design twist.


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