How To Use Your PayMaya Card

Ready to go cashless?

Cashless methods of payment have been gaining popularity in the past few years. The Beep Card is one great way to get around the metro without the hassle of counting coins and rechecking your change. A lot of banks have online transfer methods already in place, allowing you to buy and sell goods with a few taps on an app.

But what if you’re traveling abroad and you don’t have a credit card? Or want to buy games during a Steam sale and you don’t have access to a store that sells Steam cards? Never fear: PayMaya is here!

PayMaya is the premiere cashless payment service and a surprising amount of stores and services are already using it! Setting up an account is easy, and you can reload via 7Eleven, Mini Stop, Petron, or in malls like SM and Robinson’s.

First of all, you need to have a PayMaya account. The way you do this is to download the app here. The PayMaya app works with any mobile number from any provider AND works on both Apple and Android devices!

Second, you need to fill out the details the app needs. Input your name, address, and mobile number that you want associated to the app. The most important thing is to use a strong password that only you know! Keep in mind that PayMaya will never ask for your password and other sensitive account details. Buyers and sellers you interact with will NEVER ask for your password as well, so keep it protected!

The third step is to wait for a verification code that PayMaya will send via SMS. Use this number when the app prompts you to gain access to your account.

Next, click on View Card and enter your address and birthday. Just wait for another confirmation message via SMS and your set! You’re ready to load up your PayMaya account at any partner loading station AND use it whenever you see the PayMaya logo on the store or restaurant!

If you want a physical card, you can buy one (or up to five) at the PayMaya online store. It takes up to seven days for delivery, so make sure to plan ahead, especially if you’re going on a trip abroad.

IMPORTANT: You can use PayMaya in other countries, but most of them need you to have a card, so keep that in mind if you plan to use PayMaya for your out-of-country trip!

GG Network TV will be using PayMaya as the primary way to get out and about in Taiwan for the Taipei Game Show 2018. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

This article is sponsored by PayMaya.

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