NVIDIA Aims To Have 500 GeForce-Certified iCafes In 2018

NVIDIA recently announced that there are now over 250 GeForce-certified iCafes in operation across Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam. In 2018, NVIDIA plans to have over 500 iCafes in operation.

Two years ago, NVIDIA launched the GeForce GTX iCafe certification program to aid iCafe owners deliver the ultimate gaming experience to their patrons. With over 100 million customers globally, GeForce GTX is the GPU of choice by gamers around the world.

The main advantages of the program are:

– NVIDIA Espresso combined with the NVIDIA Maxwell™ GPU saves electricity through energy-saving technologies to bring 60% return over graphics card costs.

– NVIDIA Maxwell GPU improves internet cafes’ overall graphics performance by up to 5 times.

– NVIDIA graphics performance and stability provides internet cafe owners with high-quality, uninterrupted, hassle-free support and experience.

– NVIDIA Espresso power-saving technology automatically optimises internet cafe computers for CPU power consumption savings and the highest gaming performance. All this optimisation is done in the background on behalf of internet cafe owner

Incentives of the program include exclusive participation in Jumpstart for new GeForce product releases, in which advanced business models are taught in seminars for iCafe owners. Additionally, iCafe owners are invited to attend the iCafe Discovery Conference in China.  Owners will learn innovative business models and ideas which can be applied to their respective countries.

NVIDIA holds major gaming events such as the GeForce Xtreme Tournament or GEXT to raise visibility and increase profitability of iCafes enrolled in the program. Locally, High Grounds Cafe by TNC is the largest Platinum Class GeForce-certified cafe in operation. The cafe features a stylish environment for gamers with an in-house eSports arena powered by GeForce GTX 1080 gaming rigs.

“We are so glad to be a GeForce-certified iCafe. Being part of the program has helped us provide the best experience to gamers, and gamers are naturally drawn by NVIDIA’s advanced technologies because they know that’s how they want to play games,” said Eric Redulfin, general manager, TNC.

Expect to see more GeForce-certified iCafes in operation soon. By the end of 2018, NVIDIA expects more than 500 GeForce-certified iCafes to open in the Asia-Pacific region.