TECHtonic 2017 startup convention to be held this July 29-30 at the SMX Convention Center

With the increasing advancement in technology nowadays, more and more startups are opening throughout the country. These startups aim to solve problems or make things easier in the digital age. And to support these new companies, startup competitions have emerged, backed by potential investors and venture capitalists.

One such startup competition is the upcoming TECHtonic 2017: Manila Tech Convention, which promises to be the biggest startup convention and competition in the country. The said event is set to take place this July 29-30 at the SMX Convention Center from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

TECHtonic held a press conference today where representative talked about the upcoming convention. They highlighted the convention’s theme of “Culture for the Future;” which aims to give a spotlight on different startups that are solving many of the world’s current problems through breakthrough technologies. After which, they explained in detail what will happen during the convention.

On the the TECHtonic Convention itself, a select number of startups will be given a chance to battle it out with other startups in a pitching competition called “Startup Arena.” At the Startup Arena, the chosen companies will pitch their ideas to a nominated panel of investors. The best pitch will then be awarded with an equity-free prize of PHP 500,000, along with the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned tech entrepreneurs.

TECHtonic is not just a competition though, as a there will be numerous other startups that will participate in the event as exhibitors on the main convention floor. During which, they will be able to network and build partnerships with potential investor attendees.

Some participating startups were also present during the press event. They shared their experiences in building on their ideas and their day-to-day operations as startups.

For more information on TECHtonic 2017, visit or download the Mobile Event APP – Techtonic Ph.