EG wins MDL Fall 2016, defeats Newbee 3-1
Posted by Caisam Yvez Nopueto October 02, 2016

Evil Geniuses debuted with two new players in this tournament, and the North American squad defeated Newbee (who were also debuting with three new players in their roster) 3-1 to win the MarsTV Dota League (MDL) Autumn Season 2016 Championships. EG met with Newbee from the Lower Bracket of the USD 250,000 prize pooled event held at Xiamen China this weekend.

Game 1

Game 1 Picks and Bans. (c) Trackdota.com
Game 1 Picks and Bans. (c) Trackdota.com


The first game of this series is a game totally worthy of a Grand Final. Newbee kicked off the draft with the signature Luna + Shadow Demon wombo-combo, while Evil Geniuses went back to the basics with the classic Drow Ranger and Mirana combo.

The laning phase favored Evil Geniuses, and the American squad quickly capitalized with their Drow Ranger strategy as quickly as the laning phase ended. EG took towers after towers, until no outer towers were left for Newbee. However, three failed high-ground sieges come 30:00 for Evil Geniuses gave enough momentum for Newbee to turn the game around and put the lead back in their favor.

Game 1 Networth Graph (c) Dotabuff.com


Newbee had enough room to push down the lanes towards EG‘s base by exploiting the Luna + Shadow Demon killer combo (by using Disruption on Luna, Shadow Demon can have two illusions two use for a high ground siege). However, EG were too disciplined and far superior with their high ground defense, and Newbee just couldn’t finish their push attempts.

Eventually, Newbee made minor rookie mistakes and EG was able to maneuver around the map to take a couple of barracks and secure objectives for themselves. The game decisively ended when EG was pushing against Newbee‘s middle barracks: Saahil UNiVeRsE Arora landed a three-man Chronosphere that ultimately lead to EG winning the fight and consequently winning Game 1.

Game 2

Game 2 Picks and Bans (c) Trackdota.com
Game 2 Picks and Bans (c) Trackdota.com


Game 2 sparked the return of the famous Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan Storm Spirit. And Evil Geniuses planned it perfectly, banning Shadow Demon against Newbee and getting their hands on an Omniknight.

Then it quickly became a one-sided story favoring Evil Geniuses after their elaborate win during the laning phase. Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg’s Kunkka made the perfect early game rotations, while SumaiL completely dominated the middle lane. After a very early Orchid of Malevolence pickup, SumaiL simply dissected and decimated Newbee whenever a teamfight breaks by picking off Newbee‘s backline supports.

Game 2 Networth Graph (c) Dotabuff.com


Newbee then simply didn’t have an answer for SumaiL‘s Storm Spirit, let alone Artour “Arteezy” Babaev steamrolling Ursa. The Chinese just succumbed after 32 minutes of play, and they found themselves on matchpoint before losing the tournament.

Game 3



Newbee were able to pick themselves up in Game 3. They managed to lay their hands on the comfort pick Luna and Shadow Demon again, but this time they also got Damien “kpii” Chok’s Tidehunter. EG picked Warlock earlier (first phase in fact) and closed with Vengeful Spirit and Puck.

However, it was Newbee who had the better game plan in the grand scheme of things. They were able to secure their laning phase using the Bounty Hunter’s rotations and easily set themselves up for a good late game. kpii‘s Tidehunter was the hero, however, winning almost all teamfights by his impeccable Ravage timings as well as his far superior on connecting with disables as compared to his EG offlane counterpart. Sometimes, he would even opt to use Ravage on a solo EG core — such as the SumaiL Puck — just to secure objectives and it was completely effective for Newbee’s game plans.

Game 3 Networth Graph (c) Dotabuff.com
Game 3 Networth Graph (c) Dotabuff.com


EG slowly but surely lost their grip of the game as the time winded down, and Newbee took the game as soon as kpii picked up a Refresher Orb for his double Ravage. Newbee was able to extend the series to a Game 4.

Game 4

Game 4 Picks and Bans (c) Trackdota.com
Game 4 Picks and Bans (c) Trackdota.com


Evil Geniuses retaliated from their abysmal Game 3 loss by opening the draft with Io — a first picked that just set the game open for Evil Geniuses in terms of overall flexibility when it comes to drafting. As such, they were able to get their hands on Axe + Winter Wyver and Sven + Medusa core duo. Newbee, meanwhile, looked to tie the series with another of their signature duos Slardar + Lifestealer.

Evil Geniuses had the better draft for the early game, and they straight up won the said phase. UNiVeRsE even reached level 6 before the 5 minute mark and had a nice fat ancients stack for himself. The early farm for EG‘s cores gave them enough leeway to take control of the mid-game, taking down towers and winning team-fights with ease.

Game 4 Networth Graph (c) Dotabuff.com
Game 4 Networth Graph (c) Dotabuff.com


Newbee sought to address their woes by wrapping around EG during the 28 minute mark where they found the American team taking down Roshan. Newbee was able to initiate on Arteezy‘s Sven, but zai‘s Io was perfect with the relocate saves; Newbee‘s initiation quickly turned to a domino effect of unfortunate events as Andreas Franck “Cr1t” Nielsen’s Winter Wyvern in sync with SumaiL‘s Medusa and UNiVeRsE‘s Axe completely wiped their entire lineup.

The momentum was too much for Newbee to handle, and by 32 minutes their team were picked apart one by one for the benefit of Evil Geniuses completely winning MDL 2016 Autumn.

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