TI6 Team Profiles: OG
Posted by Caisam Yvez Nopueto August 10, 2016

The best team heading into TI6. At least based on their performance. When they attend LANs, they tear it by storm. Even when they’re still just a few months shy of a year-old team, this team has been taking LANs after LANs — even clinching two Major championships, let alone being the only team to champion in two Valve-sponsored events. They’ve brought the #DreamGreen into the DotA scene, and people easily jumped into the bandwagon. It’s none other than OG.



Flashback Post-TI, lifetime friends Johan “n0tail” Sundstein and  Tal “Fly” Aizik decided to from a team after several disappointments off their TI5 respective team’s performance. From the TI5 compLexity Gaming lineup. David “MoonMeander” Tan comes in to rejoin his former coL teammate Fly in this new team. While n0tail had the chance to invite a pubstar named A ndreas “Cr1t-“ Franck Nielsen. More than anything else, however, a miracle came by from the outdrafts of top MMR pub matches.

Yes, it was Amer “Miracle-“ al-Barqawi, the first ever player to reach 8000 MMR, to complete the then (Monkey) Business team. Oh, by the way, it was also Miracle- who first reached 9000 MMR. It was easy to say that Miracle- was the best player in the world. Together, (Monkey) Business was already in everybody’s radar in the off-season of TI5.

Then came the Frankfurt Major, where monster teams that of EG and Secret have been dominating throughout the whole Dota Scene. OG was humbled after the lower bracket placement into the Frankfurt Major, but slowly and surely flexed their muscles. Discreetly, they defeated teams after teams from the lower bracket until they reached the final two series when they defeated both of EG and Team Secret to finally win the first ever Major of Dota.

LAN after LAN, OG has been placing on top of the pack every time they are in it. Dream League, Summit, Star Ladder, ESL One, name it all. They either be hailed as champions or at least top of the ranks whenever they join.

It was in the Manila Major that they have cemented their claim as the “best team in the world” right now. OG was the tournament favorite alongside Team Liquid back then, and it was their rubbermatch at the Grand Final that decided whether OG or Liquid should be considered the best — and it was OG that prevailed, and quite in a convincing manner.


What did it take for this team to be — if not the best team right now — a consistent winning team? Surely, they have the best (well, the highest MMR) player in the world courtesy of Miracle-, but having LeBron James alone couldn’t consistently make a team a championship team. To be fair, the MMR average across all members of OG is quite high. What was their secret ingredient?

First off, their teamfights are on point, and are off the charts. They understand how their drafts work and play around it very well. They can give Miracle- a farming core hero then allow him to shine after certain items. They also understand the timings around Moon‘s Batrider and Tidehunter then orchestrate ganks around that. Ultimately, their 5v5 initiations and skill use executions are flawless most of the time.

Teamwork like this is quite a high commodity between the Post TI5 until the Manila Major era, when teams juggled players back and forth just to make a super-team. As Moon said during the Manila Major, “The two teams that didn’t roster swap since TI5 and stuck through both the highs and the lows have made it to the grand finals. “. Whether or not this is throwing shade on Team Secret and Evil Geniuses (and many other teams) swapping players then and again, one thing is true: Team Liquid and OG stayed true to their friendship and teamwork throughout the season and it paid dividends for both of them.


Nevertheless, this team is notorious for having a huge amount of mechanical skill among its members. And it does not only merit them wins in their match-ups just out of sheer outplay (which they usually do), but also more about a universe of variety of strategies for Fly to draft into.

Both of Cr1t-‘s and Fly‘s inherent skills allow OG to pick a plethora of support heroes that are rather high in difficulty, such as Phoenix, Earth Spirit and Elder Titan. Not only that, they own. Of course, opponents still has Miracle- to worry about, who can play mid heroes through Invoker, Timbersaw (which he actually pioneered into the meta post Manila Major), Outworld Devourer, and even Huskar while still being to play carries that of Anti Mage and Juggernaut. Couple that with Moon‘s and N0tail‘s also wide hero pool, and opponents just have too much to think about when playing against OG.

So, are OG the best team right now? At least let their achievements answer the question: 7th-8th in The Shanghai Major;3rd in EPICENTER and MDL 2015; 2nd in the recent Summit 5; and champions in all of FDream League 4 and 5, ESL One Frankfurt and both the Frankfurt and Manila Major.

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