Great things start from humble beginnings, and it’s no different for the biggest eSports team in the Philippines. For Team Mineski, everything started with an internet cafe and a couple of friends playing a game called DoTA.

Riot Games’ Spiffy flew in a couple of weeks ago and we got to chat with him for a few questions diehard LoL fans want to be answered!

PLDT home Fibr partners with Sony PlayStation something great for gamers!

We get another short movie as Blizzard’s shooter game Overwatch nears its release date! This time around, our subject is the ruthless assassin Widowmaker, guest-starring the feisty Tracer!

[PlayBookTV Street Fighter V Genesis Tournament 03.19.16] Grand Finals PBE.Don(W)Vs.IPT.Dru (L )

We check out the Philippine Finals leg of the Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship courtesy of Blizzard and PlayPark. Local team Renovatio I took on all challengers to claim a spot at the next stage of the Spring Global tournaments, the SEA Final!

Painfully Free, the fighting game show the features the greatest fighting game players around the room, returns featuring the perfect game for the fifth episode. Joined by Migs from the Nubs in Cubes, the gang plays a few rounds of Street Fighter V. There’s a twist. First to two matches and each player can only pick a character once (unless picked by random) and the winner is forced to switch to random pick. We made things up as we went along.